dr_von_fangirl (dr_von_fangirl) wrote,

Catwoman Wallpapers from Infinite Crisis

It's been a long time, hasn't it? But, something hit my inbox last night that demanded a return to the blog--however brief--to share. DC's Infinite Crisis is a game that plays with continuity in very interesting ways and includes different versions of the characters in the DCU. Among them is, of course, Catwoman. As bonus material, the site has made desktop/mobile wallpapers available for download. They're all gorgeous, and I encourage you to check them (and the game, if you are so inclined!) out. Here are the Selina-based images!







Does this post mean a triumphant return to Catwoman blogging for Dr. Von Fangirl? Probably not with any sort of regularity, but I'm going to try.
Tags: costume: alternate/custom, costume: goggles, costume: out of costume, costume: purple, games
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Beats Atomic Two-Face.
There's not much that doesn't, really.
(seems it didn't actually post my comment? lemme try this again...........)

Hokay, so, super glad I found your blog, as Catwoman is my all-time favorite comic character! But, as with plenty of nice things, I found it quite late, years since you posted regularly. So I'm leaving this comment here to say that I hope you begin to post at least semi-regularly! It's refreshing to see someone else with as much love for Selina as I have. I've got the RSS saved in my client, so I'll be checking regularly for updates, and I hope to see some!


October 3 2014, 01:41:29 UTC 3 years ago

Have you read her Complete Catwoman origin?
Hi! Welcome to the blog! Glad to have you. I can't make many promises about more regular updates, but I'm doing what I can! :) Hope you'll stick around.
I love how even the purple suit looks practical. I assume those straps serve a function besides, uhm, highlighting her features.
I'm digging her tropical look. And the fact that she's pickpocketing the Joker.
I think they might be for...a backpack of some sort? It's hard to tell. The purple suit was never entirely impractical, though BRIGHT PURPLE was a far cry from stealthy for someone who works at night, and having one's long flowing hair out is a major liability for someone who fights and has to slither through laser grids on a regular basis, but it had its merits--flat boots that were thigh high, giving Selina someplace to stash her whip, retractable claws both in the gloves and the boots, "starlight" lenses built into the cowl, which were one of the many precursors to the goggles throughout her costume history.

Still, the Cooke costume is vastly superior in terms of usefulness for street level escapades.
As the cluts that I am, I investigated a couple of your posts on purple suit Catwoman and found that the backpack/satchel/whatever was part of the design; AFTER writing that comment.
In my defense, I suppose, this piece was the first time I ever saw that... thing as part of her suit.

And, I realize now, it is pretty rude to barge into your blawg without as much as a "hello", so...
Hiya! Name is Aksel, been following your hubby for quite some time now, dipped into here a couple of times and will probably do so more as time goes by. Tried to scour through this thing chronologically earlier, but just to make it clear: Are there any tags I should check out for reviews and such? Read through your timeline, but not so much else and it'd be nice to get a sense of the essentials, if possible.

Also, welcome back, for as long as you can. :) Good to see that you haven't given up on this thing.