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Gorgeous Catwoman Art

Even though I barely have time for fandomy pursuits anymore, every few weeks I hit up ebay and various other sites to look at pretty Catwoman things that I don't have room for and/or can't afford. Once in awhile I'll splurge (my 90's era Catwoman swag collection has gotten a bit larger over the past year or two...ahem) but for the most part, I'm a happy little window shopper.

Tonight, I decided to check ebay for goodies and realized, upon finding several that I quite like, hey, why the heck aren't I posting these? Why...why haven't I ever thought to do this before? I COULD HAVE BEEN BLOGGING THIS WHOLE TIME?! *headdesk headdesk headdesk*

So, without further ado, here are some gorgeous pieces that you can buy RIGHT NOW if you've got some bare walls begging for some Catwoman-style. Links to buy and artist credits included beneath the images! With the winter holidays approaching, it's a good idea for all you Catwoman fans to start dropping hints right about now, eh? ;)

Rare Catwoman Art Print by Tim Sale

Batman 75: Catwoman by Craig Drake

kitty martini
Kitty Martini by Mike Bell

Original page from Catwoman #43 by Rick Burchett

Honestly, I've been eying that one for awhile as THE perfect piece of original Catwoman art for me. I have yet to buy my first piece of real comic book art, as I'm far more interested in action figures and busts and such, but it captures so much of what I love about Selina: her enviable skill, her physical grace, her sense of joy in her work, and her ability to be selfless when others need her assistance. I am seriously considering snapping this one up in spite of its hefty price tag.

Batman Archives Catwoman Sketch Card by Pinna Amilcar

This little number is another contender for what I want in my Christmas stocking this year. So purple, and so pretty.

Catwoman Sketch by David Mazzuchelli

Okay now we're basically just getting into my wishlist. This is one of many lovely Catwoman pieces by David Mazzuchelli that are currently for sale via The Artists' Choice website, one of the longest running comic art pages on the interwebs. If you've got the time to sift through what they have on offer, it's worth every second. Their prices are fair, for a site that has the work of so many big name creators available, and there's a lot of unique stuff lurking about.
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