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The "Lost" Catwoman Appearance: Now at Your Local Comics Retailer!

When I started collecting Catwoman comics, I made myself a complete post-crisis appearance list (the raw results of which you can find here) and slowly started padding out my collection, bit by bit. I didn't do this for pre-crisis, because...well, Catwoman has comparatively few appearances before that point and I know what all of them are. I amassed my list and turned it into a database, sortable by creative team, issue number, storyarc, and type of appearance and then started filling it in.

As I crossed comics off my list one by one, I came across one that I just could not find anywhere: Elseworlds 80 Page Giant. After some digging (read: turning to ask the SO and now you know why I keep him around!) I found out why: the book was finished, but never published due to a short story that stirred up a little controversy.

I figured that, since DC shelved the book, I would NEVER get my grubby little paws on it, so there was really no sense in worrying about it.

But, as is often the case with comics, I got a pleasant surprise. DC has released the lost book after more than twelve years of it sitting on the shelf, as DC Comics Presents Elseworlds 100-Page Spectacular!

If this book were a little older, I would scan Catwoman's appearance and share it here, but since it's a new book and is currently on store shelves, I encourage you to go pick it up for yourselves to help support it.

The 100 Page Spectaculars are one of my favorite things to come out of DC in the past year or so. Collecting stories that are hard to get your hands on in glossy hundred page volumes is pretty smart. I'd be buying up more of them if not for the $7.99 cover price (I mean seriously, you guys? I can get a hundred page bronze age comic for WAY less than that at my LCS!) but they're a brilliant idea, regardless. I'm hoping they reprint several of the old prestige format books and pair them up--like Two-Face: Crime and Punishment with its companion Riddler: The Riddle Factory, for example, or with Eye of the Beholder, another great Two-Face comic--so that a whole new generation will have the opportunity to read them.

Like I said: hop on over to your local comics shop and buy it, baby. With seven fun short stories and a bunch of even more fun mock-up Elseworlds covers, it's worth it.
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